Educational design has been a mainstay of our firm since the 1920’s. We have designed more than $300 million worth of K-12 buildings through the Ohio School Facilities Commission program since 1998. It is our goal to make every facility unique to each School District’s vision and operating philosophy.


Athletic Facilities 

New football stadiums, tracks, bleachers, concessions, and locker room / field house buildings have become an integral part of our design services for the more than 2 dozen school districts that we serve. Each stadium is designed to mimic many of the new architectural features found on the district’s new school buildings.



The explosion of health care needs in recent years has brought growth to many communities. Our clients, and more importantly those that use the facilities, are benefiting from their state-of-the-art design and the excitement the new buildings bring to each organization.


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We don’t limit ourselves to any specific type of job. We are a full range architectural firm and are up to the task of designing whatever you can throw at us. Other clients include attorneys, dentists, developers, community leaders, county commissioners, and entrepreneurs. Do not hesitate to give us a call.


Banks & credit unions

The steady growth of community based Credit Unions in our region has allowed us to serve these financial institutions in their expansion efforts. The design of these offices range from contemporary and bold, to regionally appropriate and traditional.